Ramadan is a month-long period of fasting and prayer that is observed by Muslims all over the world. It is one of the most spiritually and socially beautiful months of the year. Besides being a time of mindfulness, prayer and giving back, this beautiful month also brings people together to break fast and for suhoor (late AM meal). And that brings out a unique fashion style - we’d call it ‘comfortable glam’ - modest yet fashionable.

One of the best ways to stay comfortable, without sacrificing style is to rock some fun statement jewelry. You can wear pieces that are large, or vibrant, or sparkly - essentially a conversation starter and focal point in your outfit. 

This Ramadan, we’ve launched the Enchanted Garden collection of silver statement earrings. The collection has 18 limited edition pieces, each made with high-quality, bright and colorful zircons and beautiful floral acrylic beads. They are super colorful, bold and playful.


You can style these babies with western, eastern or Arabian clothes and trust that they can elevate any look. We just have two tips on how to wear them (or any statement earrings):

1- Keep your outfit simple in its print or color. Its best to color-block or wear simple patterns or stripes rather than busy prints.

2-Try to minimize the rest of your accessories to ensure your overall look isn’t too overwhelming. Wearing a statement necklace or bangle along with statement earrings could be a little excessive and too busy.

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