The Story

Est. 2013
Dubai, UAE


Sheen was established as a creative outlet for its founder, who came up with the concept while brainstorming her “perfect job”. Having a strong passion for both jewelry design as well as social causes, Sheen emerged as a way of combining these two interests. These combined passions helped to establish the founding roots of Sheen: design + humanity. It now incorporates the use of culture as well in narrative collections.

The name of the brand was derived from the designer and founder's name itself: Nosheen. It was the perfect suitable name for a fine jewelry brand, as Sheen means 'a soft luster on a surface' or shine (in English).  


Sheen designs exquisite fine jewelry that is a tangible expression of something greater; it celebrates culture and heritage through its narrative collections and drives awareness about social issues through humanitarian giveback.



A percentage of proceeds from every piece sold is donated to a selected cause. Currently the donations are given to the UNHCR for their various programs such as the Syrian refugee crisis, the Rohingya emergency, and the Yemen emergency as well. Previous donations were made to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and also Revive Kashmir, an independent, non-religious, and non-partisan organization that has many ongoing projects in Kashmir.


It is a brand whose passion for humanity and culture drives its mission; jewelry is just a way to express it.

To read more about each of the supported causes, click here.


The Designer

Nosheen Bakhsh

Sheen was founded by Nosheen Bakhsh, a Saudi designer of Kashmiri origin, currently based in Dubai. Her love for jewelry began at a young age, when she would watch her mother adorn her beautiful collection. She started collecting pieces of her own, and developed an enthusiasm for crafting her own beaded bracelets, necklaces and rings, which she would distribute as gifts to family and friends.

It had always been a dream for Nosheen to start a larger-scale project that can assist her in creating awareness and giving back. Sheen is the first step to accomplishing this goal. The concept of Sheen was started as a university project in 2010. In 2011, she graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication (Creative Advertising) and Sheen, “Jewelry for Social Good”, was officially launched in September 2013. It serves as a creative and humanitarian outlet for her and is produced locally in the UAE. Her brand aims to raise awareness of good causes by donating a percentage of profits. The jewelry is mostly made in 18K white, rose and yellow gold with a few collections in sterling silver. She uses a variation of precious, semi-precious, lab-grown and synthetic stones.

In 2016, Nosheen completed her Masters Degree at Pratt Institute in Manhattan, New York. She has since launched many collections. What started as a small dream has now materialized into a much greater idea, a combination of her two passions: jewelry and humanitarian work.



Sheen Jewelry Brand Values: Integrity Design Humanity Quality Culture


ensure satisfaction and build trust



be sincere and treat everyone with dignity and respect



help people



celebrate culture



create elegant,timeless and exquisite pieces