At Sheen Jewelry we choose to design and produce our designs in 18k gold. There's a few good reasons for that. The first being that 18k gold is a stronger and more durable metal purity than gold that is higher in karat (such as 21k and 22k). Secondly, its color is a desirable shade; not too vibrant and orange-gold nor too light either. Besides durability and color, we often receive the following two questions about our 18k gold collections from our clients who buy jewelry online.

1. Can I shower with my jewelry?

Yes, you technically can. 18k gold is generally pure enough that the other alloys mixed in are unlikely to tarnish with water exposure. It won’t turn green or change color*. However, it is recommended to take it off for other reasons. The first being that repeated exposure to chemicals (in soap/shower products) can dull the shine of your jewelry overtime. The second reason is a matter of safety; if something falls off in the process of showering, it can fall into the drain and can be difficult or nearly impossible to retrieve!

*Many don’t realize this, but 18k white gold is plated with white rhodium to appear white (like silver) but naturally, it also has a slight gold tone (though less saturated than regular 18k gold due to the white colored metal alloys that are mixed in). Showering with 18k white jewelry is not recommended. 

2. Can I work out with my jewelry?

It depends. While 18k gold can maintain its color without ever fading and is generally quite durable, dainty and delicate pieces can be damaged with excessive use. For example, if you are wearing a thin gold ring and lifting weights, it is possible that the ring will get many scratches on its surface and bend. While sweat isn’t a factor that will necessarily ruin your fine jewelry, you should still be careful about it being bent out of shape or breaking due to physical activity.

How you maintain and take care of your jewelry can really impact its shine, beauty and longevity. 


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