What makes a piece of jewelry more special and sentimental is when it is customized just for you! We design name jewelry, birthstone jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings or designs you’ve been thinking about wanting. I get a lot of questions on how the process goes. It is fairly simple.

1. Desired outcome:
What is it that you would like to make (a ring, earring, bracelet, etc.)?
Do you have any reference photos of what you’ve seen or like? We don’t copy other brands designs, however, if there’s a design element like a type of stone setting or overall style you could share, that helps us understand your taste and your expectation.

2. Budget
This can be hard to know from the start sometimes but knowing what metal or stones you want to go for, such as diamonds vs cubic zircons, 18k gold vs silver, etc., can really help narrow this down and set an expectation.

3. Your Size
This is important and helps determine the cost.

4. Estimate & Payment
Based on the 1-3, we give you an estimate on cost. Once approved, you receive an invoice + payment link.

5. Design Process
We send you a design rendering and want your input. This is when you can edit and make changes. For example with name necklaces, we send you 2-3 script options. For birthstone jewelry, we might send you multiple arrangements on the order of stones.

6. Production & Delivery
Once approved, it 5-7 business days for our artisans to create your custom jewelry. Then its off to you!

We would be honored to create something special with and for you. To get in touch for custom orders you can contact us via any of our social channels or e-mail us at contact@sheen.ae


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