The Arabesque collection, originally launched in 2015, was and still is a best-seller at Sheen Jewelry. Earrings from this collection are the most gifted item we have! It was only natural to continue this fine jewelry collection line with a refreshed, brighter, more colorful series of designs.

With the outer shape of the motif being more floral than ones seen in the original Arabesque collection, the new collection is named “Floresque”, which is derived from “flora” and “Arabesque”. This new collection includes enamel jewelry that is fun, playful and colorful, yet still traditional and cultural.

Floresque also features some unique designs that can be worn in two ways. The double-sided necklace is versatile and can be worn in two different colors depending on your outfit - why choose one when you can have two! With a simple flip, you have the same necklace in a completely different color.

Another favorite in this collection is the 2-in-1diamond earrings which are such a great investment; one way to wear them as is simple diamond huggies/hoops and then you can also attach the motif to make them more interesting.
Bonus: the motif can also be slipped into a chain and worn as a necklace! 


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