A majorly understated jewelry piece, anklets are back in style and here to stay! They add a touch of femininity and sensuality to any outfit. Our collection of 18k gold anklets feature chic and dainty pieces that you can style with anything and everything. Its one of those jewelry items you can put on once and never ever have to take off, regardless of your outfit changes. That is because we design anklets that are made for everyday wear, that are comfortable and versatile in their simplicity. (Also, at Sheen, we make 18k gold anklets only (instead of sterling silver) for the sake of longevity; 18k gold is a stronger more durable metal than sterling silver.)

Even though the idea of anklets dates back centuries, they are still lesser worn then other jewelry pieces. If you are someone who has never worn one before, here are some tips and style ‘no-nos’ you should be aware of:

1. They look best when seen, when you’re wearing cropped jeans or pants, a skirt or shorts. (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them otherwise, a small unexpected glimpse, is still worth it!)

2. Anklets that are a little more than subtle, aren’t always suitable in professional settings. If you want to wear one everyday, try to go for something simple and understated so that it doesn’t grab too much attention. The anklet shouldn’t be wearing you.

3. An anklet can be worn on either ankle, left or right, there’s no hidden meaning to it anymore.

4. Never wear them on top of pantyhose or socks. They are made to be worn on bare ankles only. This is also because they can snag fine material or get caught in them and break.

5. Avoid noisy anklets with bells and chimes.

6. When wearing closed shoes such as sneakers or high heels, the anklet may sit in the crease of your anklet, this may be uncomfortable and it also may get caught and break. This applies to wearing it to the gym as well; it is better avoided.

7. You can generally shower in them, but just like all gold jewelry, it is better to avoid it in case it falls off and goes down the drain.


Anklets feel different than any other jewelry. They are a bit more secretive and seductive and we absolutely love them!


Buy our 18k gold anklets online; choose from a range of simple, yet beautiful timeless designs.


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