Fine jewellery gifts tell a story, are memorable, sentimental and last forever; it can be passed down from generation to generation. Lets not forget, it also holds long-term value.

Gifting jewellery can be tricky but we’ve got some tips and gift ideas for her that will make your life easier.


1. Necklaces, earrings and anklets are safer options when you don’t know their wrist or ring size.

The Arabesque earrings are our best-sellers and most popular gifted items and with good reason too; they are not too small or too big. They are subtle but also eye-catching.


2. Customized jewelry - You can’t really go wrong with a gift that is personalized. It is thoughtful and makes them feel special.


Family Birthstone Ring 

We can design initial/name jewellery, use their favorite gemstone, their favorite color or their birthstone/family birthstones to design something special and unique. The best part is that we work with you from inception to production - another reason why they’d absolutely love it!


3. Dainty daily-wearable pieces - No matter how much jewelry they normally wear, our everyday jewelry collection makes for beautiful, versatile gifts that can be worn independently or added to their existing stack of jewelry.

Feel free to reach out to us via Instagram or e-mail us at to design a custom piece or to get some free advice.

Browse our Gift Ideas page for some great options.

And here’s a link to our Sizing Guide, in case you need it.


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