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Jaal Cuff

Jaal Cuff
Jaal Cuff
Dhs. 600.00 AED Dhs. 1,000.00 AED

Flexible, one-size

Material: Sterling silver, gold plating

Dimensions: 0.7 cm

Metal Weight: 10g

Inspiration: Jaali (jālī, meaning "net") is a latticed screen, usually ornamental with arabesque patterns. These designs are commonly found in the architecture of Mughal times due to Central Asian influences (Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran). Its purpose was to lower the temperature by compressing air through the holes but later became widely used for  privacy and security. The palaces have several walls/windows with jaalis and its purpose is said to have been allowing the queens or the ladies in the palace to privately observe what was  happening in the courtyards.

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