Sheen Jewelry - Kenza  


This collection is inspired by the GCC, more specifically the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, both homes to the designer; one where she was born and raised and the other, where she has been living for the last 10 years.

Made in 18k gold with diamond and emeralds, this collection, unlike any of the previous collections, is extra special because along with its cultural narrative, it also pays tribute to female empowerment and the advancement of gender equality in the region. There are specific pieces that are dedicated to Saudi National Day (the emblem designs), which make it more of a patriotic collection too.

The collection features pieces inspired by the natural flora of the Gulf region – cacti; triangular windows and ornaments commonly seen in heritage Najdi and Arabian homes; traditional Khaleeji jewelry which utilize geometric shapes; and an abstracted Saudi emblem, specifically, to highlight the progression of Saudi women in the region. Rooted in rich history, but modern in its delicacy and softness, Kenza pays homage to the women of the past, who paved the way for the future.

The majority of articles in this collection are perfect for daily-wear, transitioning seamlessly from day to night. Each item is versatile in its ability to be worn individually or stacked effortlessly together, fitting for an office or a party environment.