This collection was inspired by my trip to Jaipur and Udaipur which are part of Rajasthan, a northwestern state of India. The intricate details found on the beautiful palaces and ethnic royal jewelry from the region have influenced the designs of this silver or chandi collection have always been on my Bucket List. The colorful culture and traditions of the region, as seen in Bollywood movies, had always intrigued me as a child. My trip was nothing short of my expectations; everything was just as beautiful and unique as I had imagined.

These cities are part of Rajasthan, a northwestern state of India, which is well-known for its Mughal history (Muslim dynasty that ruled India from the 16th-19th century). During their 331-year reign, the Mughals developed a reputation for their wealth and artistic pursuits. They were patrons of art and architecture and built iconic monuments. Also, Rajasthan was and is still today known for its jewelry craftsmanship and stone mining. It is just another reason why I couldn’t wait any longer to visit!

What was most notable was that the architectural style and intricacy of design from back in the day was also visible in a lot of the modern architecture. Every street in Jaipur, the Pink City, had me in awe and the hospitality of people in Udaipur, the City of Lakes, wanted me to stay longer.

Design in the Mughal times, especially during the rule of an emperor named Akbar, was heavily influenced by both Iranian and Hindu art. Jewelry combined intricate Indian gold-work with Middle Eastern designs that utilized imagery from the natural world. Motifs of flowers, foliage, and birds were common and so was the use of color (in the form of stones and enameling).

The Chandi collection (named after the literal meaning of 'silver' in Urdu/Hindi and a female name derived from a Hindu goddess) aims to highlight this style: Indian intricacy and Middle Eastern elegance. I hope it does justice to the rich history and art of Rajasthan.

Materials: This collection is made in Sterling Silver (925) with gold, rose gold and black rhodium plating. Stones range from precious, and semi-precious to zirconium.