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So much of the vision for my new debut collection – Aisha – was to share the inspiration, a glimpse of my heritage, through a beautiful video shot in Kashmir. After three years of not having gone back, the day of my flight, violent protests broke out (Burhan Wani’s death, August 2016).

We decided to cancel the trip because when violent unrest begins, it unfortunately goes on for a while. I was saddened and disappointed by not only what was happening, but also because I had been eagerly anticipating this trip.

It wasn’t until an entire year later that I was able to go (now 4 years later!) and shoot with my favorite local photographer/videographer Ruman Hamdani. I wasn’t even sure, given the limited time and planning (we had only 3-4 hours to shoot), that we would be able to pull it off. But we did.

For anyone who has been to Srinagar, this is just a small glimpse from within the city (Dal Lake and Nishat). I hope to share more with every trip. But please do visit! 

The Video



To learn more about the Collection: Click here

To see more from our shoot, go to @sheen_ae and @behindthesheen on Instagram.

To see more of beautiful Kashmir through Ruman’s work go to @theotherrumii. 


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