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So, my very first attempt at blogging was about 4 years ago in 2013. Ironically, it started off with “Lately I've been trying to gain the courage to do things out of my comfort zone. Things that I know I want to do but am afraid to initiate… one being blogging!” Better late than never, so here it goes…

Nowadays, there is a surplus of bloggers and vloggers, people that are ‘instafamous’ and ‘youtubers’, titles that meant nothing just a little while back. Its almost cliché. But there’s always something about these people that attracts thousands, if not millions of followers. Personally, what attracts me is authenticity and honesty. I started following so many ‘famous’ bloggers for the sake of Sheen, to help me keep up with trends and overtime, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I learned a lot, felt inspired and even ambitious because of it.

Over here Im going to start documenting my journey as an entrepreneur. I haven’t reached the peak of my business goals yet, nor do I have thousands of followers, but I do have personal experiences to share that may help inspire someone to pursue their passion or start their own business. 


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